My name is Christina and i recently had a two hour class with Ricardo, it was amazing. He is extremely talented and the best part is he has a smile on his face while he is doing it. With him having the personality that he has he put a smile on my face aswell eventhouhg i am extremely sore right now i enjoyed myself. I just finished viewing your website and i must say everyone seems to have amazing personalities , trust me that is rarely found these days. Everyone seems to have some talent of their own to offer and i cant wait to continue taking classes. Im warnign you now im already addicted. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET RID OF ME NOW! hahaha Anyway thank you for the sensationl experience im looking forward for more. :)Thanks.

It was a pleasure working with Dance Passions, who proved to be MORE than Perfect! They displayed a level of professionalism and grasped the entire routine in a short time span. They also added valuable feedback and offered amazing suggestions. The night of the pageant they performed as it was THE LAST PERFORMANCE of their lives. Not only did they perform, but they brought the Lion King TO LIFE! I am forever grateful to this team of professionals for assisting me in becoming Miss International!

Wow! What a great experience. Me and my 3 girls have been doing zumba with Ricardo and Anna for 6 months now and not only do we love it we look forward to going to our class. Never have we experienced such dedication and excellence from instructors, like these two. We have improved not only in weight maintenance but now we have more rythm and coordination. We would strongly recommend this class to everyone. Thanks for all your encouragment. 

I highly recommend this dynamic duo of Ricardo and Anna, not only extremely professional in what they do but also friendly and that makes the difference!! They will make you feel so welcome and are so passionate about Zumba that is contagious. It is very motivating to come to dance passion, it has been a wonderful year and I hope more to come! See you next class

I LOVE ZUMBA with Anna & Ricardo! I am absolutely addicted and feel like I need to be there every day. No to mention, that it doesn't feel like a workout, it feels like you are at a dance party. Thank you for motivating me again to workout and move and for helping me get to my weight loss goal.